CCMO presents Annual Report 2015

On Wednesday the 9th of March the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects  (CCMO) presented its annual report 2015 to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ms. Schippers. The annual report is in the form of an interactive pdf-file and describes the responsibilities and policies of the CCMO. The report also offers insight into the reviewing process of research with human subjects in our country. In 2015 there were 23 accredited medical-ethical reviewing committees (METCs) in the Netherlands, which together with the CCMO are responsible for the review of medical research on human subjects.

The CCMO started various initiatives in 2015 in reaction to developments in the field of medical research with regards to content and on an organisational level. These are briefly mentioned in the annual report. On the one hand it concerns initiatives stemming from developments in the medical field, such as the use of radiation, of cell therapy and of new genetic and imaging techniques with possible ‘incidental findings’. The CCMO is currently in dialogue with field partners on how to manage these developments in the review of medical research with human subjects. On the other hand it concerns the initiatives set up to prepare the CCMO (secretariat) for new tasks which in all likelihood will result from the implementation of the new EU directive for clinical research with medicinal products. 

Finally, in the annual report you will find numerical overviews of the research that fell under the scope of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act and the Embryo Act, and which were reviewed by the CCMO and the accredited METCs in the Netherlands in the year under review. Contrary to previous years, this year we chose to present a selection of the figures in the annual report. This and other information from 2015 can also be found in a separate data file that is published on

The annual report is only available in Dutch.