There are 23 accredited MRECs in the Netherlands that review medical/scientific research proposals. The majority are linked to an institution such as an academic medical centre or a hospital.

An accredited MREC determines the region it covers with regards to reviewing research. This is known as the working environment. In practice, the majority of MRECs review for the whole of the Netherlands.

Information on the national Research Ethics Committees (RECs) of all the European member states, including links, is to be found on the website of the European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC).

The CCMO publishes core information from the ABR form in the public CCMO register. This information is from all WMO studies which have been approved by the accredited MRECs and the CCMO. The CCMO presents an overview each year in her Annual Report of all research that is reviewed in the Netherlands by the accredited MRECs and the CCMO.